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(Last Updated Oct 2017)

Human Trafficking and Slavery Policy Statement

BEESWIFT Limited acknowledge the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure that all its suppliers of goods and services are completely transparent, fully aware of and actively complying with the requirements of the Act.

The Company is confident in its Ethical Auditing systems based on the ETI base code and that due diligence with regard to slavery and human trafficking is prioritised. Continual evaluation of our supply chain is intrinsic to our operation and the adoption of all relevant and appropriate measures as and when required to maintain all supply standards including the above is paramount.

Imported goods from outside the EU are potentially but not solely at higher risk of slavery and human trafficking issues. Management levels for these supply sources are continually monitored.

The Company will not trade with or support any business or organisation it believes are involved in such practices.

The Company takes full responsibility for implementing this Policy Statement and its objectives.

This Policy Statement will be subject to an annual review and its findings published accordingly.

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Print Name: L M GILES
Position: CEO
Date: 05.10.17

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