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Medical Devices Aerosols

A convenient spray which provides an instant cooling effect. Can help reduce the sensation of burns, sprains, cramp and inflammation. Suitable for sports, industrial and domestic applications.

• Self chilled, works without refrigeration
• Instant body & face cooling spray for adults & children
• Instant relief in hot cars by cooling occupants
• Temperature relief for pets
• Cools hot air & surfaces
• Hydrates and calms hot skin
• Used by sports medics for injury relief

Size: 150ml

A convenient spray which provides an instant cooling effect. Can help reduce the sensation of burns, sprains, cramp and inflammation. Suitable for sports, industrial and domestic applications.

Size: 400ml

An alcohol based skin and wound cleanser for use prior to: Dressing injured or broken skin with minor cuts and grazes, conducting simple medical procedures such as injections, wound repair being performed on skin, conducting podiatry procedures on feet and conducting non medical procedures such as tattooing.
Size: 70ml

Click Medical Spray Plaster forms a transparent, breathable and flexible film to protect the wound and promote natural healing. It is particularly useful for awkward places such as elbows and knees. . Provides an invisible over skin coating which will protect all day or until washed off with soap and water

How to use spray plaster?
1. Clean and dry the affected area before application.
2. Shake can well, hold 10-15 cm from affected area and spray a light coating.
3. Allow to dry for approximately 1 minute.
4. The spray plaster will be virtually invisible, but will disappear completely over time.
5. Re-apply as required

Size: 32.5ml

Oxygen First Response Kit White
Product Code: CM1989

The MHRA has released new guidelines specifically for this product., They have specified :

"Oxygen can now be used in an emergency without a prescription"

‘When a person are struggling to breathe or there breathing is impaired and you class this as an emergency, it can be administered’.

This means that they have acknowledged the potential, of this life-saving utility device.

There is currently no mechanism readily available for licensing it as a medical device, owing to the availability of commercial, high flow rate/high pressure cylinders to which the current regulations apply.

The MHRA have, however, acknowledged that the device can be displayed as an accessory to first aid equipment. For example, it can be wall-mounted next to a first aid box with the black wall bracket as shown in the image.

The pack contains:
• Oxi meter
• 35 Litre canister of oxygen
• Medical mask and tubing
• 1 x pencil
• Oxygen recording table
• 1 X wall mounting bracket

If you are short of breath or struggling to breathe in an emergency, for any reason, the canister of oxygen (no prescription required to administer oxygen in an emergency) is conveniently on hand to assist.

The unit also utilises a unique designed and patented oxygen containment device in the form of an aerosol can, this product can be stored in line with everyday aerosols. The unique feature of the Simply Breathe oxygen cans is that they contain (and deliver) three times more oxygen per unit volume at the same pressure.

The way that this is achieved is by using an adsorbent in the container known as activated carbon. The activated carbon is composed of micropores which create an enormous, internal surface to which the oxygen molecules adsorb. In this way, much more oxygen is stored than could be achieved using compression alone.

For this reason, we are able to contain, for example, 35 litres of oxygen in a canister with a volume of only 1000 ml. Delivery of the oxygen is by mask and tube, as shown.

There are many conditions and occasions when early access and delivery to oxygen can save a life.

Ideal to be used alongside first aid kits, at first aid stations, alongside defibrillators, at sporting events, mass attendance events, concerts and festivals.

Heat Spray 150ml Red
Product Code: CM1695

• Fast acting, topical heat therapy spray.
• Ideal for sports, gym or at home.
• Can be used as a pre-sport warm up.
• Use after sport as required.

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