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Create A Flyer

With ?Create a Poster' you can create brilliant posters to show off all of your brilliant new products and special offers to your customers. This simple but powerful tool allows you to easily create JPEG and PDF versions of your custom poster in seconds! Simpily choose your products and prices and you're done!

If you are an existing Beeswift Online customer please go to www.beeswiftonline.co.uk

For customers who wish to sign up to Beeswift Online or would like more information please contact your external representative or call us on 0121 524 2323 .loped the Online Literature Download system. This system allows you to generate up-to-date product range PDFs almost instantly at any time through Beeswift Online.

Adding Items to a Flyer

To begin the creation of a flyer, first log into Beeswift Online and choose a product you wish to add to your flyer. Next select the "Add to Flyer" button in the Tasks section of the product page, you should now see the counter in the corner of the button update to reflect the product being added. You can also add products straight from search by clicking the blue flyer button next to the product in the search results.

Now you can simply repeat this process to add any remaining products. When you are finished adding products, processed to the next step.

Check Flyer

Once you are done adding products to your flyer, click the flyer basket icon in the top right of Beeswift Online, upon clicking you will be presented with a display of all the items in your flyer.

Once you have filled in all required forms click the "Submit Brochure" option, an email will be sent to the email address attached to your Beeswift Online account containing the PDF requested.

Add your markup to the tiems and then click the "Process Flyer" button to continue.

Confirm Flyer Details

You will now be brought to a conformation page listing your items, in the "Flyer Details" panel you can choose to show or hide text, prices, VAT and address as well as choose a custom banner according to your preference.

Once you have filled in all fields, click Submit Flyer, an email will be sent to the email address attached to you Beeswift Online account containing the Flyer.

Thank you for using the Beeswift Online Flyer Generation System!

Download our Example Flyer